I AM HERE  is a digital campus simulation of my undergraduate school, Zhejiang University. It is also a adventure/puzzle game that focusing on creating a playful and gamified experience of campus life.

My Position:

Level Designer, Project Manager,Programmer, 3D Artist, UI designer,


The current demo for I AM HERE  is a navigable virtual space which contains three levels. Each level is based on the on campus activities.

We recreated the campus digitally and here are some of the most significant buildings of our campus.

model03 model02 model01

The final digital version of the campus


Character and Game Control


Game Design

The game is designed for the students in Zhejiang University, thus in designing the game, we decided to include activities that we can related to and can experience them in a different way in the digital space.

The current demo contains three different levels:

Lv.1 School Song Learning

Lv.2 Radio Direction Finding

Lv.3 Crazy Express

Level Design

LEVEL 1: School Song Learning


The school song of ZJU represents the qualities that we seek and cultivate in all future scholars, which is the pursuing of truth. Nevertheless, the lyrics are written in classical literary style, which can be difficult to memorise especially when you are new.


In this level, the player need to fill all the blanks in a big board of lyrics in 4 minutes. Player can search small paper with missing lyric on it as hint. Also, player can walk to the mushroom shaped radios to listen to the school song.

LEVEL 2: Radio Redirection Finding


This is a popular activity here in ZJU as it requires endurance and good sense of direction. Plus the radio finding device looks kinda awesome :P!


The player needs to listen to 3 audio signals before starting the game and need to find all 3 stations that emitting the same signals by listening and recognising. The time limit is also 4 minutes.

LEVEL 3: Crazy Express


With the rapid growth of e-commerce in China, online shopping is popular among college students. In ZJU, there is no package delivery service. Instead, students are required to go to certain locations to fetch their express packages. So, it is a good thing to get familiar with these spots.


The player needs to do to the designated spot to get their package. After opening the first one, the player will receive certain amount of reward, say 50 golden coins, together with a message to guide you to the next spot.  You can try to get as many packages as you can within 4 minutes to collect more coins, but once you fail to get to the next spot on time, all your coins will be taken back. Or you can choose to end early and get all rewards. Anyway, you just can’t have your cake and eat it too!!!


Overview for the game system

gamesystemBackpack(Item) System 

The backpack is an important part of the game as the gameplay is largely dependent on the using of different items. The basic function for the backpack system is for the character to pick up items and select item in the inventory and use it. 

bp bp2


We had a very helpful playtest session on the demoday for the course. We received a lot of positive feedback and also glad to see that it appeals to some students who don’t very often play games. DSC03199 op4 op3